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    Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)



    I have an AppleWatch without my own SIM card. Now I've forgotten my cell phone at home. How can I still download the location data?

    You can also connect your AppleWatch to a hotspot in your area. To do this, go to Wi-Fi in the settings of your watch. All active hotspots in your area are displayed here. You only need the hotspot to load the location data. You can then deactivate the connection again.

    I have been using the app as a guest the whole time. How can I now connect the watch to my dashboard?

    Once you have registered on, all you need to do is click on the “Save&Finish” button after your next round of golf with the app. You will then be asked once to enter your email address and password stored in the dashboard. The watch is then connected to your dashboard.

    How can I display the distance from my current position to any point on the fairway?

    Just click on a point within the display and the distance indicator at the bottom right will turn red for 5 seconds, indicating the distance to the point. After 5 seconds, the distance indicator returns to its blue color and the distance to the middle of the green is displayed again. Tip: This function is particularly helpful for distances to obstacles (bunkers, water, out of bounds, etc.) and to the flag position on the green.

    How do I register on the watch?

    You do not need to register to use the app during the round. However, registration is required to transfer your scorecard. To do this, you must register on the “” website with your details (email address, password, home club, etc.). Once you have successfully registered on, you only need to log in to the app once with your email address and password. Your watch is then registered on and your scorecards are transferred to your dashboard.

    The app keeps jumping back to the clock and has to be restarted.

    Only by activating the “Workout” button does the app remain in the foreground and switch to energy-saving mode. You can tell whether this is activated by the yellow circle to the left of the time. If no circle is visible, please go to the AppleWatch settings and activate energy-saving mode via the “Training” menu item. You can then deactivate/activate it at any time using the Workout button on your watch

    I have deleted the app on my iPhone. When I try to reinstall it, the button is grayed out with the note "Purchased"

    The GolfWatch app was only developed for use on an AppleWatch or an Android smartwatch. The first installation can still be carried out via the iPhone. After that, a new installation is only possible via the App Store of your watch. You can find the App Store under the programs on the watch

    What does the GolfWatch app cost after the trial period?

    After the trial period, you have the option to choose between a monthly subscription (5,99€/month) or an annual subscription (49,99€/year).

    Can I use the GolfWatch in tournaments?

    Yes, with the tournament mode, you can play completely according to the rules and turn off additional player facilitations, such as the wind direction indicator and the altitude difference measurement.

    How many golf courses are included in the GolfWatch database?

    With GolfWatch you can enjoy the convenience and simplicity of our app on over 40,000 golf courses.

    What do I need besides the Apple Watch to use GolfWatch?

    Since our app is designed as a standalone app, nothing else is needed besides your Apple Watch.

    What is behind the display for the slope and how does the display work?

    The slope is only displayed from a size > 5% from your respective location to the center of the green. The watch’s GPS is great for positioning you on a map, but it has problems with altitude. The inaccuracy for the altitude is up to 3 times less accurate than for the horizontal. We have therefore decided not to display a slope from a distance of less than 100 m from the center of the green.