Everything at a glance – the advantages briefly explained.

GolfWatch App - Golfplatz Kartenansicht
Golfloch mit Flagge

Always be one step ahead – with location tracking

Take your game to the next level. With GolfWatch‘s accurate GPS tracking and detailed course maps, you’ll always keep your eye on the target and the obstacles. You can plan each of your shots with precision and stay one step ahead of your flight.

GolfWatch User beim Schlag ins Loch
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The Zen of Golf – Just You and Your Golf Club

The pure golf experience right on your wrist, without a smartphone. Enjoy unprecedented simplicity on the golf course with GolfWatch Standalone Mode on your Apple Watch.

GolfWatch App Screen zur Auswahl des Golflochs
GolfWatch App Screen mit Angaben zu Center Green, Distanz zum Loch, Slope und Windgeschwindigkeit
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Master the golf course like never before

Concentrate fully on your golf game and leave everything else to GolfWatch. Even before you tee off, you have all the important information right on your wrist: the length of the fairway, the distance to the green and obstacles, wind direction, and significant elevation changes.

Our tournament mode allows you to turn off all player-friendly features for tournament play.

Hand mit Apple Watch mit akuteller Akkulaufzeit der Golf app
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Golf non-stop – Easily 2 laps with one battery charge

With GolfWatch you always stay on the ball – without worrying about running out of juice on the course. GolfWatch‘s slim design ensures low power consumption and allows you to stay on the course for long periods. All you have to do is keep playing.

When it comes to costs, we also keep it simple.

Golfplatz Fontana aus der Vogelperspektive
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Ready to tee off? Find the nearest golf course with the Golf Course Locator

GolfWatch‘s Golf Course Search – With just one click, you can quickly and easily find the nearest golf course from over 40,000 listed worldwide. This saves valuable time and ensures that you can spend more of it on the course.

Never miss another opportunity to improve your handicap!

Golf app Screen mit Trackerübersicht
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Track your stroke length

Whether iron or wood. If you want to know how far your shots were, use our shot length tracker. This innovative function allows you to precisely track and analyze the length of your shots. This is how you refine your game with the GolfWatch app to take your golf game to the next level.

Scoring Screens auf der Apple Watch und Tablet
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All your scores in your pocket

As a golfer, your results and statistics are of great importance to analyzing and improving your performance. With GolfWatch you’ll always have all this information at hand.

The handy and user-friendly application allows you to track your strokes, putts, net/gross, and total scores. You can view your scores and statistics in real-time, compare them with other golfers, and synchronize them with your GolfWatch Dashboard. After registering, you can access them from anywhere in the world with any browser.

Stay up to date

On how GolfWatch can make your golf experience even easier and more convenient.

Golfer mit nachdenklichen Blick in die Ferne
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Your data – safe as in Fort Knox

At GolfWatch we pride ourselves on providing you with reliable, secure, and high-quality processing of your data. Our data center is located in Germany and we are committed to maintaining the highest data protection standards to ensure the security and integrity of your data in compliance with the GDPR. With us, your data is in safe hands.

Darstellung der geplanten Android Golf App auf einer Watch
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Soon ready to tee off: GolfWatch for Android

Is the perfect shot within reach? Definitely with GolfWatch on Android! Get ready to experience golf like never before. GolfWatch helps you track your strokes and scorecard and gives you clear golf course maps.

Plus, with information about the distance to the hole and hazards, wind direction, and elevation changes, you’ll never wonder how to hit the ball perfectly onto the green again. Just grab your golf club and take your game to the next level.

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